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Aircond Installation Banting – AirCond Installation Near Me

Aircond Installation Banting. High-quality equipment, however, cannot ensure the proper operation of the conditioning system on its own. A 5-year warranty is provided on all installations by AirCond Master, which is delighted to be an air conditioning installation company in Banting. All of our clients are eligible for a free site examination. In order to ensure that you have exactly what you require, our specialist will walk and talk you through all possible solutions. Our aircon Installation specialist offer air conditioners built to function in Banting temperatures for sale, installation, and maintenance. Due to their ability to withstand heat and dust in the air, O General, Midea, and Tion products are available in our installation.

Professional Aircond Installation in Banting

A brand-new air conditioner is an expensive investment that might cause dissatisfaction if installation services in Banting are chosen from an unreliable provider. AirCond Master is a certified Air Conditioning business in Banting with a dedicated team of (air condtioners / Aircon Installation) expertly trained professionals to assure quick and effective AC installation anywhere in Banting.

In Banting, You can trust that AirCond Master will do a good job because of the wide range of Aircond Installations our professionals have performed. Whether you need a new HVAC system installed or the existing one fixed and adjusted in Banting, we can provide the service you need. Additionally, we are accessible to install AC in various types of residential and commercial structures.

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  • Troubleshooting
    RM 50/unit
  • Water Leaking
    RM 60/unit
  • Gas Refill
    R22 – RM 90
    R410 – RM 100
    R32 – RM 130
  • General Cleaning
    1 Unit – RM 70/unit
    2 Units – RM 60/unit
    3+ Units – RM 50/unit
    Chemical Cleaning
    1 Unit – RM 120/unit
    2 Units – RM 110/unit
    3 Units – RM 105/unit
    5+ Units -RM 100/unit
    ✔FREE top up gas up to 20psi with each Chemical
    ✔FREE revisit in case of water leaking after our service
    ✔FREE initial site survey
    ✔30 Days warranty on water Leaking


  • Troubleshooting
    RM 80/unit
  • Water Leaking
    RM 100/unit
  • Gas Refill
    R22 – RM 100
    R410 – RM 120
    R32 – RM 150
  • General Cleaning
    1 Unit – RM 80/unit
    2 Units – RM 80/unit
    3+ Units – RM 70/unit
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • 1 Unit – RM 250/unit
  • 2 Units – RM 240/unit
  • 3 Units – RM 230/unit   
  • 4 Units – RM 220/unit
  • 5+ Units -RM 200/unit
  • Ceiling Concealed
    ✔FREE top up gas up to 20psi with each Chemical
    ✔FREE revisit in case of water leaking after our service
    ✔FREE initial site survey
    ✔30 Days warranty on water Leaking

C E N T R A L I Z E D D U C T E D ( F C U ) / F R E S H A I R

    • 1 Unit – RM 340
    • 2 Units – RM 320 per Unit
    • 3 Units & above – RM 300 per Unit
    • 1 Unit – RM 480
    • 2 Units – RM 450 per Unit
    • 3 Units & above – RM 420 per Unit

AHU, Chiller, Cooling tower RM 300 to RM 800 Price will be provided after the site survey

Common Problem During Aircond Installation

Air conditioners are complex machines with many parts that can fail. Here is a list of the most frequent A.C. issues that we deal with our clients:

Our air conditioner installation services include in Banting:

Professional Aircond Installation Services in Banting

Various procedures, examinations, and measurements must be made during an AC installation in Banting. To ensure durability and customer satisfaction, our air con professionals exercise the utmost care when installing a new cooling system. Our aircond professionals pay great attention to every detail, from tilting the evaporator coil at the optimum angle, preventing condensate overflow and unusual frost development, properly insulating copper lines, and offering installation that is completely leak-free of refrigerant. This would increase the cooling system’s efficiency, boost your comfort, and make sure the new air conditioner runs effectively for many years to come.

Also, our air conditioner specialist does tests after the equipment is installed to make sure it functions properly. We will also show you how to use every feature of your new system and provide professional guidance on how to get the best performance with the least amount of energy.

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We Keep Customers Comfortable with Reliable A.C. Repair, Maintenance, & Installation!

We Can Provide You With

Our Best Services That We Offer To You !

we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services to ensure that your air conditioning system is running smoothly and efficiently. We understand that a well-maintained air conditioning system is essential for the comfort of your home or workplace, which is why we offer a wide range of services to cater to your needs.
Aircond Servicing
Regular aircond service is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your system. At aircond master, we offer comprehensive aircond service packages that include cleaning, checking and tuning up your aircon to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.


Aircond Repair
At aircond master, we provide reliable and efficient aircon repair services to ensure that your system is up and running in no time. Our experienced technicians are trained to diagnose and fix a wide range of aircon issues, from minor faults to major problems.


Aircond Maintenance
Regular aircon maintenance is essential to keep your system running at its best. At aircond master, we offer affordable and reliable aircon maintenance packages that include cleaning, checking and tuning up your system to ensure that it is working at peak performance.


Aircond Chemical Cleaning
Aircon chemical cleaning is an effective way to remove stubborn dirt, dust and bacteria that have built up inside your system. At aircond master, we offer professional and safe aircon chemical cleaning services that can help improve your aircon’s performance and air quality.


Aircond Gas Top Up
If your aircon is not cooling as well as it used to, it may be time to top up the gas. At aircond master, we offer aircon gas top up services to replenish the gas levels in your system and restore its cooling power. Our experienced technicians will get your aircon working like new again in no time.


Aircond Installation
If you need a new aircon system installed, aircond master has got you covered. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire installation process, from selecting the right system to the final installation and testing to ensure that your aircon is working correctly.


Why Choose Us Our Aircon / Aircond / Air Conditioner Installation Service?

You may depend on us to provide you with services of the greatest quality. Our aircon installation specilaits are always available for all of your air conditioning needs, whether it is through our skilled engineers or our totally committed customer support team. We only work with the most skilled air conditioning installation specialists in the market, and they’ll always take the utmost care and consideration for your house or place of business.
Brands We Repair

We Repair All Brands of Aircon

With years of experience in KL, Malaysia, we can repair and service with any type or brand of air conditioner / Aircon. We can deal with all models of air conditioners from different brands such as Daikin Aircon Repair, Carrier Aircon Repair, Toshiba Aircon Repair, Panasonic Aircon Repair, Sharp Aircon Repair, LG Aircon Repair, and many more. No matter what type of air conditioner you have, we can help you with it.

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