AirCon master Provides Competent Air Con Cleaning Solutions

Many areas across the world, including aircon service Kuala Lumpur, have a consistently humid environment throughout the year. As a result, many individuals here rely on air conditioning for the bulk of the year. You must also take adequate maintenance of these HVAC systems to ensure that they can satisfy the demands of your household. They, in particular, must be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they can perform effectively and without malfunction. This is where we enter the picture. AirCon master is one of the most reputable air conditioning cleaning, maintenance, repair, and installation companies. There are various reasons why you should hire an air conditioning cleaning company.

  • Cool airflow: As the cooling system is used more frequently, the filters will become clogged. These filters are inserted into the machine to prevent dust and filth from exiting the unit, allowing customers to breathe pure, cold air. However, if these filters are not cleaned on a regular basis and are merely left in place, they might ultimately constitute a barrier to the passage of cold air. These filters must be cleaned properly in order for your air conditioner to continue to deliver cold air.
  • Improve air quality: It is essential to clean the air conditioning unit on a regular basis to ensure that it is able to provide air that is not only cool but also clean and healthy. No one likes to inhale the polluted air. However, if your cooling system’s filters are clogged with dust and grime, germs can grow there. As a result, air will flow through filters containing germs, tiny dust particles, and pollutants anytime the system is turned on. Breathing such dirty air is bad for your health, and it’s especially bad if you have children or older people at home who are prone to becoming sick.
  • Troubleshooting
    RM 50/unit
  • Water Leaking
    RM 60/unit
  • Gas Refill
    R22 – RM 90
    R410 – RM 100
    R32 – RM 130
  • General Cleaning
    1 Unit – RM 70/unit
    2 Units – RM 60/unit
    3+ Units – RM 50/unit
    Chemical Cleaning
    1 Unit – RM 120/unit
    2 Units – RM 110/unit
    3 Units – RM 105/unit
    5+ Units -RM 100/unit
    ✔FREE top up gas up to 20psi with each Chemical
    ✔FREE revisit in case of water leaking after our service
    ✔FREE initial site survey
    ✔30 Days warranty on water Leaking

C E N T R A L I Z E D D U C T E D ( F C U ) / F R E S H A I R

    • 1 Unit – RM 340
    • 2 Units – RM 320 per Unit
    • 3 Units & above – RM 300 per Unit
    • 1 Unit – RM 480
    • 2 Units – RM 450 per Unit
    • 3 Units & above – RM 420 per Unit

AHU, Chiller, Cooling tower RM 300 to RM 800 Price will be provided after the site survey

  • Troubleshooting
    RM 80/unit
  • Water Leaking
    RM 100/unit
  • Gas Refill
    R22 – RM 100
    R410 – RM 120
    R32 – RM 150
  • General Cleaning
    1 Unit – RM 80/unit
    2 Units – RM 80/unit
    3+ Units – RM 70/unit
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • 1 Unit – RM 250/unit
  • 2 Units – RM 240/unit
  • 3 Units – RM 230/unit   
  • 4 Units – RM 220/unit
  • 5+ Units -RM 200/unit
  • Ceiling Concealed
    ✔FREE top up gas up to 20psi with each Chemical
    ✔FREE revisit in case of water leaking after our service
    ✔FREE initial site survey
    ✔30 Days warranty on water Leaking

The proper aircon maintenance of your cooling system is essential for its long life and energy efficiency. So, if you’re looking for the ‘best Aircon service near me’ for its yearly maintenance, go no further than AirCon master. We can efficiently satisfy the home comfort demands of your family and exceed your service quality expectations since we have years of expertise in the field.

What are the advantages of air conditioning maintenance?

  • Savings: HVAC system repair, maintenance, and cleaning should ideally pay for itself in terms of increased efficiency and lifetime. If your cooling system is properly maintained, you are less likely to need to replace it soon.
  • Peace of mind: Professional maintenance would result in fewer system failures and a longer lifespan for your HVAC system. You may be guaranteed that your air conditioner will now break down unexpectedly in the middle of a hot summer.
  • Comfort: If your unit isn’t brand new or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you’ll notice a lot of dust in the filters. Your home’s air quality would improve if your cooling system was regularly cleaned and serviced.

When you call AirCon master for air conditioning cleaning, our professionals will skillfully clean your system’s condenser and filters. This will eventually lengthen the life of the unit’s different components and delay the need to replace them. Our specialists will also inspect for damaged or worn-out parts and recommend that they be replaced as soon as possible.

HVAC maintenance that is comprehensive
AirCon master provides a comprehensive range of air conditioning servicing and cleaning services, including:

  • Cleaning the evaporator and condensing unit coils
  • Checking the compressor’s amp draw and any other components
  • Cleaning and lubricating the fan motors (if needed)
  • Checking to see that all of the belts are properly set and tight.
  • comparing the system’s operating pressures to the manufacturer’s specs
  • Tighten all electrical terminals and check the refrigerant level, thermostats, and sensors in the system.
  • Checking for air leaks and damage in all ducting