How To Fix Smelly Aircon?

When your aircon starts to smell bad, it probably needs to be serviced and cleaned by a professional. In the system, mold, germs, and foul odors can accumulate and lead to respiratory problems or flu-like symptoms. It’s unsanitary and unpleasant. The best course of action is to contact a mildew, mold, and fungus expert specializing in air conditioning. With the help of a technician, the stench will vanish quickly, and your home’s air quality will rise.

At Aircond Master, we suggest cleaning your aircon’s internal system thoroughly if it has started to smell. This necessitates that we disassemble the interior unit and clean it with Aerisguard, a biodegradable cleaner. We clean the fan coil with a bioactive cleaner that contains many enzymes. Then, to stop the mold and germs from growing again and getting through the filters, we apply a non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable product to the filter.

Why Does My Aircon Have a Bad Smell?

Many homeowners use window aircon to save energy costs, cool off rooms that the central air system can’t reach, or make their rooms chilly enough to wear a blanket at night.

For all the reasons mentioned above, a window aircon can be useful, but when dust, water, and heat are present, they provide the ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth if no precautions are taken.

Your Aircon Can Smell like the following things.

Aircon Smelling Like Skunk

If the smell is skunk-like, a gas leak can be to blame. Methyl mercaptan is a gas with an odor similar to skunk spray. Your house begins to smell like this as it enters the ducting.

This gas is hazardous, and you shouldn’t disregard it because it poses serious threats to your family. As soon as you see this, remove everyone from the house before calling an HVAC provider. They will visit your house to address the issue and stop further harm.

Aircon Smelling Like Sour

If the aircon smells bad, there can be an issue with the condensation removal system. Condensation is a consequence of the aircon’s cooling operation. It must be thoroughly drained or fosters bacteria and mold growth, which leaves your property smelling bad.

Aircon Smelling Like Vinegar

The aircon produces a lot of condensation, which, if not properly dried, can result in mold and mildew. Perhaps there are natural materials accumulating around the aircon, like leaves. They emit a vinegar-like odor as they begin to decompose. The fragrance of vinegar penetrates your home when the aircon is switched on.

Aircon Smelling Like Spoiled & Rotten Eggs

If you have detected the odor of ruined, rotten eggs, an animal recently died is to blame. To find shelter, rodents and birds frequently enter the air duct, where they can pass away and begin to decompose.

The unpleasant odor enters your home when your aircon is turned on. To solve this issue, the specialist will need to clean the air ducts to eliminate the animal and the odor.

Aircon Smelling Like A Sewer

When your aircon smell like raw sewage, it is not a good indicator. It can indicate a broken sewer vent pipe or a clogged sewer line close to the ducting. All that is required to introduce that odor into your home is methane.

How Can I Remove the Odor From My Aircon?

Here are four quick procedures to fix the most typical aircon odor issue.

1. Turning off the unit’s power

Turning off the electricity at the source is the first thing you should do when working with any electrical device, just like an aircon.

2. Replace the air filter

Make it a routine to swap out your air filters every 60 days. Every 30 days, if there is a pet or someone with allergies in your home. The air filter’s primary function is to keep dirt and debris out of your air conditioning system. Keeping the air in your home cleaner has a side effect.

3. Cleaning the evaporator coil

Use a foaming coil cleanser to clean the evaporator coils after changing the filters. When HVAC systems are running, they usually get dirty, which could lead to odours. The effectiveness of the HVAC system is also reduced.

4. Cleaning the condensate line

When the system is in use, water drips from a drain pipe that is next to the outside of the unit. Sludge or coloured water may be released by the condensate line. Use a solution of bleach and water to flush it.

Choose Us

We advise against cleaning your aircon yourself if it starts to smell bad. The outside unit’s service ports would need to be taken apart, requiring a skilled expert to do it securely. Such behavior can result in damage and void the warranty.

Give us a call if you have any concerns regarding the condition of your air conditioning so that we can go over your alternatives. In addition to making you uncomfortable, a terrible smell may endanger the health of your loved ones or your pets. The earliest you can address it is when you first become aware of it.

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