Air Cond Overhaul Cleaning

The procedure of aircon servicing or repairs is called an aircon overhaul. At Aircond Master, we perform aircond overhaul cleaning in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. You might need to overhaul your aircon if you discover it isn’t cooling down enough, is producing a loud noise, is dripping water, or has stopped functioning altogether.

Air Cond Overhaul Cleaning - Professional Aircon Cleaners

Each system component is taken apart during this operation, cleaned, fixed, or replaced at Aircond Master. Aircond Master’s experts can advise whether your aircon only needs chemical cleaning or a thorough overhaul is required. Our aircon overhaul cleaning service includes cleaning of every part.You should speak with a qualified technician at Aircond Master immediately if you are experiencing any problems with the operation of your aircon. Delaying the essential maintenance can make the issue worse. Contact us right away for aircon overhaul cleaning in KL and aircon overhaul cleaning in Selengor.

The Importance Of Aircon Overhaul Cleaning

We highly suggest our overhaul chemical cleaning service for aircon that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained in a while. The condenser coil, blower wheel and blade, condensate water drainage system, and a full chemical cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit are all cleaned using this technique. To clean the water tray of debris, we will disassemble the unit and chemically wash the aircon’s components. Additionally, this service comprises calculating heat timing and lubricating motor components of your aircon. Aircon overhaul cleaning is quite important because it will:

You must contact us for overhaul cleaning in Kuala Lumpur and overhaul cleaning in Selengor. Over chemical overhual for aircon is best option to consider in Kuala Lumpur and Selengor.

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Aircon Overhaul Chemical Wash Includes

In general, Aircond Master Aircon Overhaul Chemical Wash Includes:
After the parts have been taken apart, each one is carefully inspected. Some pieces could need to be fixed, while others might need to be completely replaced, depending on their state. You may anticipate that after an aircon overhaul, your system will function flawlessly once more.

Services Provided for Aircon Overhaul Cleaning

Overhaul Chemical Services provided by Aircond Master include:

How Our Aircon Aircon Overhaul Cleaning Fulfil your Requirements?

We perform professional aircon overhaul cleaning at Aircond Master. You should expect the following process.
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Consider chemical overhauling at least once a year if you want your aircon to operate at its best throughout the entire year. To ensure that your aircon can maintain its high performance, you need always hire competent and skilled technicians. Aircond Master is a reputable business that specialises in offering its clients top-notch aircon servicing, aircon chemical washing, aircon chemical overhauling, and aircon repair services. Highly qualified professionals use their knowledge to give customers the best services available. We provide professional aircon overhaul cleaning services. Our aircon overhaul price is inexpensive.

Have you got a question or want to make an appointment for an aircon overhaul cleaning service in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor? Contact us to make an appointment at Aircond Master.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is an aircon chemical overhaul necessary?

A chemical overhaul is necessary if a customer hasn't had their aircon serviced in more than a year. Over time, dust will build up inside the aircon, affecting the room's temperature and ventilation.

What Is An Aircon Overhaul?

The chemical overhaul is one method of aircon maintenance. An aircon is fully cleaned and reconditioned during an aircon chemical overhaul. The procedure seeks to clean the equipment and parts of the aircon that have been sitting around for a while.

What Is The Difference Between An Aircon Chemical Wash And A Chemical Overhaul?

Chemical cleaning varies from aircon chemical overhaul because the former is far more thorough and time-consuming. If you find an issue with the aircon, you often do chemical overhauling, which necessitates some repair work or part replacement. Another distinction is that although overhaul completely disassembles your aircon, chemical cleaning or washing requires partial disassembly.

What Is The Difference Between General Cleaning And Chemical Cleaning Aircon?

Every six months, an aircon needs a general cleaning of the filters and a thorough inspection. An annual chemical cleaning is usually performed to clean all parts and remove mould and germs completely.

How often does chemical overhaul the aircon?

A chemical wash for the aircon should be performed every six months, while a chemical overhaul should be performed once a year. However, if your aircon isn't working as well as you'd like it to, you can always speak with a specialist to see whether you need to up the frequency of chemical overhauls.